5 Exciting Careers in Health Care

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Home Page > Careers > 5 Exciting Careers in Health Care

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5 Exciting Careers in Health Care

By: Caitlin Mcguire
Posted: Nov 10, 2009

With the present trend of the economy, the health care industry is one sector of the American economy that must not falter. Recent legislature has provided financial support to medical facilities and qualified workers are still getting hired and keeping their jobs.

If you are already in the health care industry looking for a career change or you are considering continuing your education to start a new career, we listed five exciting careers below that are in demand for you to consider.

1. Dosimetrist A dosimetrist is a member of radiation oncology team who designs radiation therapy treatment procedures for cancer patients. He computes and measures the dose of radiation to be used for cancer treatment. To become a dosimetrist, you should have a college degree in physical or biological science. He should also complete the on-the-job training and work experience in medical dosimetry under the supervision of a Certified Medical Dosimetrist or Medical Physicist. The American Association of Medical Dosimetrists reported in 2008 that the median annual salary of a Certified Medical Dosimetrist in the US is ,464.

2. Phlebotomist A phlebotomist is a medical technologist who extracts and collects blood samples from patients, authenticates records and prepares specimens for chemical and laboratory analysis. He may also carry out interviews and get patient’s vital signs. A potential phlebotomist should have at a high school diploma or GED, can adhere to simple instructions and procedures and can handle blood and other bodily fluids without anxiety. A phlebotomist undergoes training for 2-4 months in a career center or trade school or one year in a study of anatomy. They are taught how to relate with patients, the techniques and legal aspects of blood collection, and Universal and Standard Precautions. According to the American Society of Clinical Pathologists, the average annual salary of a phlebotomist is ,040, an equivalent .00/hour on a 40-hour work week.

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medical insurance coding

3. Nurse Anesthetist A Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) administers anesthesia and pain management services. A CRNA is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) who completed three years of supplementary training to be certified to provide anesthesia in the absence of a supervising doctor. The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) reported that the expected annual median salary of a typical CRNA is 5,216.

4. Medical Record Coder A medical record coder, also known as health information coder or coding specialist, codes and reviews patient records for billing insurance companies or programs, such as Medicare. They also assign and arrange codes for procedures, symptoms, illnesses, processes, and treatments according to a standard classification system. A medical record coder requires two-year associate degree and a certificate or diploma program in a university or a community college. CNNMoney.com showed on their April 2009 data that the annual median expected salary of medical records coders is ,978.

5. Nurse Practitioner A nurse practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse with an advanced nursing degree and further clinical training. NPs work in clinics, schools, hospitals, and nursing homes providing high-quality health care services similar to a doctor – diagnose and treat conditions, give shots, prescribe medications and order tests. Based on a report by CNNMoney.com last April 2009, the median annual salary of a nursing practitioner in the United States is ,590.

Caitlin Mcguire – About the Author:

Kristin created http://www.MyNursingDegree.com as a guide to career success in nursing through continuing education. The site provides free information about earning a nursing degree online, nursing career blog, headlines for healthcare professionals and library of articles on continuing education for nurses.

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/careers-articles/5-exciting-careers-in-health-care-1443693.html

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